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Located near North Zhongshan Road Metro Station,  the Starr Hotel (Huanxing Jiudian) is a ten-minute drive from Shanghai Railway Station.The hotel offers parking on-site and free Wi-Fi access in public areas.Business travelers will find conference hall and a business center at their disposal.During your leisure time,  you can read in the library or those with a workout regime to uphold can maintain it at the gym.[View Detail]    

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  • e00021315
    In October 30 live has a late, to has Suzhou play has two days, November 1 night back Shanghai again in this between Hotel live has two late two a room, respectively is 905 and the No. 906, room, bedding and the toilet towel are is easy, this times attempts to using room within of washing machine cleaning we to Suzhou play replaced out of clothes, room within only a package detergent, we wants to wash once this Taiwan washing machine first, zhihou again wash clothes, call to desk to a package detergent, otherAgreed, but the whole night and then nobody gave our accountability for the washing powder, washing powder had to use one of our room. evening services need to be improved.
    Already many times, lately, pretty good
  • bailebao
    Bed and breakfast facilities are complete, but repair rough, belong to the level of boutique hotel, fair price ... ... Sound is a little weak ... ...
  • e00958782
    The hotel location is not from the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, people's square are not too far away, key said he was too clean, too comfortable and too convenient. around a lot of good things, easily can take a car trip, very attentive service ... very comfortable, has card, next time
  • a06040012
    Noon 12 o'clock staying said is room in clean, to dinner one hours Hou back told I also didn't finished clean. Nima, cleaning sister you in room in sleep has did. because worried something took card leave. to 7 o'clock in the afternoon back, was found room card cannot with, let I upstairs downstairs run has two trip Hou, found is lock didn't electric has. check out Shi, put in living room window Shang stack have neatly of quilt (because is a three mouth live, requirements added has a bed quilt, waiter on to I took has aQuilt and a quilt, I himself too lazy to sets, on useless quilt) on said find not to. I requirements in phone in told rounds personnel, waiter insisted requirements I Shang room help with find. I NIMA, I temper again good also was you this help grandson gas of couldn't help to curse. also has, because wants to added a bed quilt, to front desk call, found phone Shang all internal of live press (rooms service, front desk and so on) are cannot with, also no inside number tips. had to according to telephoneInstructions on the outside dial to the front, NIMA, check out also my phone bill. Nima, is really good at creating wealth!
  • benson0113
    Hotel is small, but clean and comfortable. traffic around eating convenience. is good.
  • Sammi_xu
    Colleague recommended, very convenient! is somewhat poor sound insulation!
  • Ocean.
    Marriage, environment is very good, ahead of that marriage changed the Red bed cover, very intimate, living room is quite large, also used the kitchen day to, in short, nice
  • D03073215
    Away from travel of locations near, so select staying, hotel price also line! hotel of service still needed further upgrade, hardware facilities also can. hope price again can some advantage, is better! away from travel of locations near, so select staying, hotel price also line! hotel of service still needed further upgrade, hardware facilities also can. hope price again can some advantage, is better!
  • ascrown
    Feel good, is room colors don't feel good
  • funlong
    Very good
  • dongning45
    Travel best choice, close to the train station is convenient.
  • meapple13
    Which is very nice
  • eastwolf
    Every time he comes to live here, needless to say ... ....
  • GDR and
    Nice, convenient
  • e04678334
    Good, good.................. ...
  • e00788070
    Well in the lobby, go to suite upgrades for free, washing machine, microwave oven range, praise, but decoration is a bit old.
  • A-Show
    That's it
  • nwcforever
    It's not bad
  • e00119980
    Which is very nice
  • alanber
    Room, with kitchen and laundry facilities, quite user-friendly. facilities are quite new, very good ... only a little smaller. How do surroundings.
  • dingjia3
    Environment is good, hotel is nice, the traffic is very convenient, nice
  • afria
    Environment is very good, breakfast good. There is washing machine and cooker. fit for long-term habitation. next time!
  • Allan4d1
    Smoke in the room, the rest are fine
  • bluegun8800
    Holiday to accompany his wife and children stay, rooms are new, very comfortable.
  • cui8989110
    Room facilities good, cost-effective high. but! really bad attitude of the waitress and a woman at the front desk, if five years ago, I was swearing at the front desk!
  • candy00
    In the medium to long term stay hotel... clean, without the excess and deficiency... location away from the Center, the Metro station 1 minute.
  • mni504
    Service was good, but the price is higher than before.
  • dragon8695
    Room is very big, very new, recommended!
  • Angela-bj
    Yes, you can
  • A small yin a
    Regular hotel room, and have always been satisfied with
  • leddymisery
    Well, someone else will, I hope well
  • xiaoxumu
    Hotel is nice, the surrounding is very busy, it is dogs running around, a bit much.
  • cissy0605
    Big room and bathroom too small and convenient, the price is not cheap
  • alexug
    Good times rental
  • angelina527
    Environment is also good! breakfast is too little!
  • laba143
    Around easier, some distance from the subway station, hotel OK
  • jenny_nosec
    Great hotel
  • Anneyan84
    Bed and breakfast, service and location are satisfied, the transportation is convenient, nearby supermarkets, restaurants and more!
  • xl86081122
  • e00434622
    Nice hotel next time stay.
  • general
    Facilities good, is the location a little
  • qi qi
    Hotel clean, convenient service.
  • Peter-tourism
    Hotel is very new, super good service at the front desk, feel at home.
  • dxjons
    Basic services provided by the hotel is fine, but wine sales
  • bijianing
    The conditions are good, the bed was comfortable, big bed a bit small, 1.5-meter wide, kitchen equipment, but there was no chance, bathroom clean, need has
  • angel5829
    The hotel price is too high, clean, fully equipped, microwave, fridge, electric cooker, washing machine, very practical, large bay window washing machine and drying features are characteristic.
  • ellen119
    Which is very nice
  • tabanus
    Price/performance than expected, around more convenient eating flies, Museum lot
  • xiaobai7778
    Overall good location, subway